Dangriga Shuttle

Dangriga Shuttle

Dangriga shuttle is fairly normal. Despite the town is not a tourist favorite destination in Belize, but it is the hub to some of the most beautiful islands and resorts in the southern region of our little country name Belize. Dangriga town a cultural show ground for the famous Garifuna culture and history of Belize. This also the largest town and residential area of southern Belize. dangriga town bridge Dangriga town situated between the Mayan mountain to its West and the Great Barrier Reef to its East. This coastline town is quite underdeveloped as many homes are historically sits on stilt as they enjoy the Caribbean sea breeze. Dangriga is a place you’d like to be in November as they celebrate their annual settlement day.

Getting to Dangriga town by Shuttle

You have only two options that are faster and more reliable than the bus systems. These two ways are by a Dangriga Shuttle or a flight into their municipal airstrip. Dangriga town shuttle Whichever you may desire we here at BASS can accommodate your transportation needs. If you desire to shuttle there you can make a quick stop at the inland Blue Hole national park. We can also do the Belize Zoo. You can even stop and see the famous Sleeping Giant silhouette created by nature. If you desire to fly over the Mayan mountains of Belize and enjoy the lush rain-forest that quilt our vibrant grounds  we can book that plan transfer for you at no additional cost.

The Dangriga Shuttle is just a 2 hour drive from Belize International Airport or Belize Water Taxi Terminals. This drive is very unique and scenic as you roller coaster through the valleys of Belize. You’ll be so distracted by nature that you’ll be surprise you’ve reached your destination without feeling the journey. Many has chosen our services as they head to fascinating places like Pelican Beach Resort, Thatch Caye Resort, Coco Plum Resort, and Royal Belize just to name a few.

Feel free to send us and email and inquire about how you can get to Dangriga Town by Shuttle.

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