Corozal Mexico Border Shuttle

Corozal Mexico Border Shuttle

corozal mexico border shuttleCorozal Mexico Border Shuttle is a shuttle to Norhtern Belize. Howerver, Corozal is the last district north of Belize situated just a few minutes away from the Mexican Border and along the coastline of Belize. Furthermore, Corozal has developed in the past few years with a few resorts growing on the coastline of this Hispanic town. Corozal Mexico Border Shuttle is a 3 hour driver from the Philip Goldson International Airport. This drive passes through the town of Orangewalk which is the next district of Northern Belize. On the other hand Corozal known for it’s situation on the coastline and clean seashore. It’s very attractive to even natives of Belize. Presently Corozal is visited mainly by tourist traveling from North to East, West, or South of Belize. Also, Corozal known for fishing and it’s nearby Free Zone where many tourist and Mexicans visit each day for trades and good beers.

Getting to the Mexican border is fairly easy and quick from Belize city or the International Airport. Many tourist travel this route due to visiting Latin America or for cheaper flights in and out of Cancun. For this reason many travelers would shuttle to the Border, from here they would get over to Chetumal via a mexican cab which is vacant just as you have passed our Belize customs and immigration. Mexico is known for it’s culture and Mayan heritage as well as having some awesome beaches. Some of the popular places people uses our shuttle to get to are Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, Bachalar, and Tulum. This is so that they can visit places like Chi-Chen-Itza Mayan temples.

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