Hopkins Shuttle

Hopkins Shuttle

hopkins village shuttleHopkins Shuttle allows you to get to one of Belize most popular and marvelous destinations. Getting around in Belize can be a hassle many of times; and that’s why we’ve been offering Belize shuttle to Hopkins. Hopkins is one of Belize most visited coastline destinations. Hopkins is known for its Garifuna heritage, drum making, and village life. As it’s a village, Hopkins is a tranquil place. With a laid back environment that suits most vacationers that visits Belize.

Hopkins is located approximately 191 km from the Belize International Airport or Belize City. This Hopkins shuttle is a 2.5 hour drive direct with no stops. The drive is a very beautiful drumming in belize hopkins village experience as you get to see a portion of inland Belize as you travel west, as if you’re going to San Ignacio, before heading south. As you head south you’ll be traveling through the valley of Belize. Very beautiful scene that you’ll surely enjoy as you experience another country. Many may wonder why the ride is 2.5 hours and seems different from what they may have googled. Well, this is because you cannot travel the road google maps may show you. You’ll have to travel to Belmopan then go south which yes extends the drive. But, I must say it’s worth it.

Things you can do, well, there’s a few things. It all depends on your arrival time. If you’re landing early morning you can combine your Hopkins shuttle with a tour. We offer stops to the Belize Zoo, Cave Tubing, Ziplinning, and the Inland Blue Hole park to name a few.

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