Getting Around in Belize

getting around in Belize

Travelling and Getting Around in Belize

getting around in BelizeBelize, that little Caribbean coastline country between Mexico and Guatemala. Getting around a country known to be hassling and tiresome for huge countries. But, getting around in Belize has been as challenging as those huge countries despite it little size. Many have traveled to Belize and realized that getting around can be a pain in the butt. After reading this article I would like to Believe you’ll have a clear cut understanding of which source of traveling will work best for your while in Belize.

Getting Around by Plane

getting around in Belize by planeLike most places travelling by plane is the most fastest way. Likewise, in Belize getting around by plane to your destination is the fastest source of travel. But, despite it cutting travel time by half, the cost is almost always twice as much. Unlike in the United States where flights are fairly cheap to travel from state to state. For example, a flight to Placencia village, a popular coastline destination in Belize, is approximately 1.5 hours by flight. A flight cost a minimum $117 USD per person each way all taxes included. Then we have flights to the most popular island in Belize, Ambergris Caye, starting at a whopping $79.00 USD per person each all taxes included. As you read on you’ll be enlightened with food for thoughts. There’s when YOU will decide which transportation option may be right for your travels.

Getting Around by Ground Shuttle

bass - belize airport shuttle serviceNot only because this is what we do makes us believe it’s the greatest option. But, merely because we strongly believe it’s the option that leverage on all the factors to consider. Especially when it pertains to time, comfort, and affordability to visitors. With the use of a shuttle service you’ll get there in twice the time as planes but half the time of a bus ride. You’ll be twice as comfortable, definitely safe, and mid-range affordable.

Given the example destinations above; your ground shuttle would take 3.5 hours to Placencia for just an average $90.00 USD per person. It may not seem like much for the added time. But, you’ll be saving a huge $27,00 USD per person each way. Converting that to reality, we’re looking at a nice plate of Dinner. Think about it. Consider another destination like San Ignacio; Having a 1.75 hour drive costing a low $50.00 USD per person each way. Now if we compare this to a flight that’s close to a $100 bucks each way. Food for thought; have I convince you already that a Belize shuttle is the way to go? Maybe not, so I urge you to read on.

Getting around in Belize by Bus

group shuttle in belizeI’ve read many travel blogs and post about visitors to our neighboring country and their bus experience. Well, I don’t think your bus experience will be any worst in Belize. Actually I would like to think it’s great compared to our friends next door. But, does that make it a sweet ride; I don’t really think so. To start with, getting from the International Airport to the Belize central bus terminal is costly. You’ll get a cab there for $25.00 USD minimum for 2 persons; already 25% of the cost of a Belize shuttle. After getting to Bus you’ll have a continuous stop journey for 3 hours. This is just from Belize city to San Ignacio. When you seek buses to further amazing destinations like Placencia or Hopkins; you’re looking at a 6 hour bus ride. Trust us, it’s sort of bitter sweet. Buses to San Ignacio cost $6.00 USD, to Placencia $15.00 USD; but it won’t be the most comfortable ride nor will it be the shortest ride. But, the experience is always welcome.

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