belize group shuttle

Belize Group Shuttle

belize group shuttleBook a Belize group shuttle with us. Getting around in Belize can be a hassle most times when traveling in large groups. Driving on your own can sometimes lead you to being lost and extends the journey to your destination. As Belize have been more and more known to the world we’ve seen an increase in group travelers. Therefore, we’ve equip ourselves to meet those needs. Whether you’re a group of 5, 25, or 75 we offer group shuttle service from the Belize International Airport (BZE, PGIA) to any destination within Belize. We’re aware that travelling in groups makes travel cheaper and we offer those affordable prices to suite your group. It doesn’t matter whether that group are friends, family, military, or a church group we’ll provide you with an awesome deal for a great service. With us the more means less, guaranteed!

With that said, we assure you that we’ll provide the perfect vehicle type to suite your group needs. BASS provides Vans, Coasters, A/C Buses and so forth to meet your group transportation needs. Furthermore, we offer group shuttle to all destination in Belize; San Ignacio, Placencia, Hopkins, Belize Water Taxi Terminals, Corozal, Orangewalk and any other resorts or hotels in Belize. You can travel all together, or you can travel inline in multiple vehicles. It all depends on your shuttle desires and needs. BASS will recommend the vehicle type that we believe will suit your travel needs most.

With our Belize group shuttle you have the option of making a breakfast, lunch, or dinner stop. You can also make shorts stops of stops for sightseeing and adventure tours. Our vehicle will wait there for you until you’re through having fun and then continuing your journey to that paradise destination you’ve chose. Short stops or stops for eating is free of charge; any stops for tours or sightseeing may carry an additional charge depending on which tour or sightseeing you may be visiting. Getting around in groups are easier, cheaper, and of great quality with BASS (Belize Airport Shuttle Service).

Belize private shuttle

Belize Private Shuttle

belize private shuttleBelize private shuttle is provided on request with us. Private shuttle service with BASS is carried out in sedans, SUVs, or vans, depending on the size of your traveling party. With all our Belize private shuttle we’re there when you land at the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA). The best part of booking a Belize private shuttle that it departs as soon as you’re out of the airport after clearing customs.

Another great deal with traveling on our Belize private shuttle that you’ll have the freedom to make short stops of your liking. Without having to worry about affecting other passengers itinerary. These shuttles are direct and take no additional diversions. We’ll drop you off at your destination hotel/resort. You’ll be riding in comfort, on your timing, and privately. This the best option for travelers who dislike waiting and want to get to their destination once through the airport.

On the other hand, our Belize private shuttle allows tours and other sightseeing adventures along the way to your destination. Whether you’re going to San Ignacio, Hopkins, or Placencia, there are several places where you can make stops. BASS recommends doing the Belize Zoo, Cave Tubing w/ Zipline, Inland Blue Hole Park, and Maya Center. These are just a few recommendations out of the many options there are to offer in our little jewel called Belize.

Just like all our other services, our prices include all local taxes and holds no additional charges. Belize private shuttles with tour stops carry additional charges. These charges are known to you by our clients at the time of booking. Also, it includes all taxes and carries no other service charge. A private shuttle is an option for you if you’re up for a personal ride and don’t want to expect any waiting time. Feel free to talk to us more about our Private shuttle when contacting us.

belize shared shuttle

Belize Shared Shuttle

Belize shared shuttle are transfers where we group other traveling parties to go together. This type of shuttle service may be the most affordable but sometimes can be a little inconvenient due to the waiting time at the airport. There’re only two set schedule to two destinations. Apart from that, guest joined based on their arrival time outside of these two departure times. Our two schedule time and destination are as follows:

Belize International Airport to San Ignacio: 10:00 am & 1:00 pm 

Belize International Airport to Belize City: 11:00 am & 2:00 pm 

belize shared shuttleWith shared shuttle service it’s a direct transfer to your destination. There may have short stops dropping off guest that’s staying along the route but this not always the case and considered rare to occur. Belize shared shuttle service is becoming popular, especially for couples and solo travelers. Furthermore, shared shuttles have possibility you’re lucky and have private shuttle with shared transportation cost. You just never know!

More about Belize Shared Shuttle

Here at BASS – Belize Airport Shuttle Service our shared shuttle are offered with waiting time no more than an hour. Guest joined that arrives on the same plane or on another airline that’s landing within half hour between each other. Even on same planes sometimes waiting can be a while due to the customs and airport arrival process which takes anywhere between 15 minutes and a hour. If you don’t mind the little wait, we don’t mind giving you the best price. With our location near the Belize International Airport we can take last minute booking for any of our shuttle services. Whether Belize shared shuttle, private shuttle, group shuttle, plane transfers, or helicopter transfers.

But, of course we prefer knowing at least 24 hours in advance to provide an even better service and experience while vacationing in Belize. Belize shared shuttle is the way to go from Belize Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA) to any destination withing Belize. Contact us today, we may just have a space for you!!

belize shuttle with tours

Belize Shuttle with Tours

Shuttle with Tours in Belize

xunantunich shuttle with tours Are you arriving early in Belize? Then are you thinking of booking a Belize shuttle with tours before heading to your accommodation? As a matter of fact we offer Belize shuttle with tours to all archaeological sites. Also to caves like Altun Ha, Xunantunich, Lamanai, Cave Tubing and Zipline,  even to the Baboon Sanctuary, and Belize Zoo. These are just a few options of adventures you can do in a half day on the day of arrival. After you can head to your destination. The best part is you can do them right from the Belize International Airport with us.

Belize is magnificent inland and we can’t stop brag about all that we have to offer in our jungleous backyard. Travelling south, you can do tours and stops at the Chocolate factory, Marie Sharp pepper sauce, you’ll love the sauce. You can also do Zipline and Waterfall Rappelling at Angel Falls, these are extreme ziplines and waterfall in Belize. On a regular hot day you can even do an hour stop at the inland Blue Hole park and take a refreshing swim in our crystal blue waters. If you like horses, we got a nice jungle adventure with Mayan ruins included. This is a nice combo of a guided tour to Xunantunich.

With our luggage storage service at the airport we make these tours feasible. Whether you’re heading off to one of our Caye’s like Ambergris Caye or Caye caulker, the two most visit islands in Belize. However luggage storage is just as affordable as our Belize shuttles with tours. Our shuttle with tours are inclusive of Tour Guide, Entrance fees, equipment, all local taxes. Of course the transportation included as well. Don’t let the most of your Belize experience slips through your fingers, let’s get adventurous with BASS (Belize Airport Shuttle Service. Feel free to ask us more about our shuttle and any tour you may have in mind.

helicopter transfers in belize

Helicopter transfers

Helicopter Transfers

astrum helicopter transfers Helicopter transfers are airlift transportation to your destination or hotel. For example you can take a helicopter transfer to resorts like Blancaneaux Lodge up in the mountain pine ridge. Additionally, these resorts host helipads and are deep in the Belize rain forest. Helicopter transfer are perfect for any remote area of Belize that you would like to visit and there’s a helipad.

In addition, you can also book a Helicopter transfer to do flight tours to the Great Blue Hole, Chiquibul Reserve, Great Barrier Reef, and more. This is a superior option for destinations where other means of transportation may not be able to take you. These transfer types are very known mainly to persons looking for the unbeaten paths and adventures of Belize.

Belize flight transfers

Plane Transfers

Belize Plane Transfers

plane transfers tropic air belize Plane Transfers are pretty much local flights to your destination. We’re an agent for all local airlines in Belize; both Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. However, plane transfers are a bit more expensive but a lot faster. As a matter of fact, flight time to most destinations within Belize are anywhere between 15 minutes and 1 hour. There are plane transfers to all major districts and towns in Belize. You can book a plane transfer to San Ignacio, Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Placencia, and Dangriga to name a few.

Tropic Air has expanded its services/destinations over the years and now offers international flights to Flores Peten Guatemala, San Pedro Sula Honduras, Cancun, and Merida in Mexico. So, if you’re exploring Central America we can help get you there. Our prices are price match guarantee, and we offer you a free meet and greet with airport assistance to ensure that you make your flight on time and hassle-free. Whatever promotion possibly offered we’ll be the first to offer them to you. Agents like us, are the reason why traveling in Belize can be made easy.

However, you don’t need to book your flights ahead of time if you don’t really desire to. Just confirm it with us and we’ll meet you, greet you, and take care of the rest. Just like that, no-hassle, easy as counting 123. Getting a plane transfer is sometimes more convenient, it’s an even better option than private ground transportation if you’re in a rush or don’t want to waste your vacation time. Who doesn’t want to be on the beach right? We know and that’s why we offer this service to our guests.

Regrettably, with every positive there’s a negative, that’s just how life works sometimes. Well, we most let you know that some of these municipal airports are a bit out of town or a few miles from where your hotel/resort is situated. Hence, you’ll have to arrange with your hotel or get a cab from the municipal airport to your resort/hotel. But, there’s no need to make that hassle be any worries to you, let us know, and we’ll take care of that for you too.

Flying is easy, it’s after landing that’s hard!! lol